Daphne's assassination - Malta bound to implement public inquiry recommendations

25 June 2024

Almost three years after the close of the public inquiry into Daphne’s assassination, Malta has finally committed to implementing the recommendations made in the inquiry report, but with reservations.

In the 2024 Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review, the United States of America recommended implementing the public inquiry recommendations. Malta has formally accepted this recommendation and several others relating to the public inquiry into Daphne’s murder. However, Malta simply ‘noted’ Germany’s recommendation to “Introduce legislation imposing criminal and administrative responsibility for abuse of power for those in public office as well as for obstruction of justice”, which echoes a similar recommendation made in the public inquiry report.

The public inquiry report was presented to Malta’s Prime Minister on 29 July 2021. In 2022, Malta’s government appointed a committee to advise it on implementation, but excluded the rule of law recommendations from the committee’s terms of reference. Most of the public inquiry recommendations have not been implemented yet.