Transport Malta racket is corruption, not 'helping people'

01 October 2023

Contrary to what Prime Minister Abela claimed earlier today in reaction to the Transport Malta scandal, no one should buy the Government’s explanation that this is about helping people. What journalists are revealing in story after story about corrupt practices is that politicians keep dysfunctional public services in place so as to cultivate dependency on their political party. People should not have to trade their vote, their values, and their dignity for a driving licence.

Ian Borg’s role as chief of the illegal scheme makes his position as foreign minister untenable. The evidence shows that, as Minister for Transport, he corrupted one of the country’s most critical authorities, Transport Malta, from top-to-bottom, turning the organisation into one that serves the private interests of party men instead of the Maltese public. Someone responsible for such an extensive trading-in-influence racket, and who in his statements makes clear that he sees nothing wrong with it, cannot represent Malta in international fora where the fight against corruption and organised crime is a top priority.

We call on anyone involved in this scheme and similar schemes that the party is operating to come forward in confidence by securely contacting The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation or a journalist they trust.