Call for applicants for National Advisory Group

14 September 2022

The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation is setting up a National Advisory Group to provide a space for knowledge exchange and consultation on public access to data and regulatory performance in Malta as part of a wider project called the Integrity Watch project, in partnership with Transparency International.

The NAG will provide guidance throughout the project through meetings with the Foundation, specifically on:

  • consultation on access to public information and datasets in Malta;
  • identification of best practices in transparency;
  • regulatory performance analysis;
  • development of risk indicators for corruption.

National Advisors can also become part of the European Community of Practice — a peer-to-peer exchange in the field of political integrity for all advisors internationally.

Potential National Advisors could be:

  • civil society representatives;
  • academics in the field of governance, political integrity and transparency;
  • journalists working with public data sources (court registries, planning applications, company registries);
  • legal practitioners and financial professionals with responsibility for compliance;
  • lawyers engaged in public interest litigation;
  • public officials in charge of data verification (such as at the company registry);
  • public officials with responsibility for international sanctions and asset recovery.

If you are interested in joining our National Advisory Group please let us know why you’d like to join and what expertise you can bring to the table, by sending an email to Deadline is Thursday 22nd September.