Declaration in support of the creation of an International Anti-Corruption Court

10 June 2021

The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation signed a declaration alongside more than one hundred world leaders from over forty countries calling for the creation of an International Anti-Corruption Court.

The declaration advocates for a new international court to address the global problem of grand corruption – the abuse of public office for private gain by a country’s leaders. This form of corruption often precedes attacks on press freedom and civil society, including the assassination of investigative journalists like Daphne Caruana Galizia and Ján Kuciak.

An International Anti-Corruption Court will help mitigate the devastating consequences that grand corruption has for human rights, human health, and international peace and security and will redress the balance of power between courageous journalists and civil society organisations and the kleptocrats they seek to hold to account.

Separately, in a contribution to the UN Special Session of the General Assembly Against Corruption (UNGASS 2021), the Foundation stated: “As crimes against humanity led to the creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC), grand corruption should now lead to an international anti-corruption court.”