Lawsuit against five men formally identified in murder case

12 October 2020

Daphne’s family have filed an application for moral and material damages in Malta’s civil courts against the five men formally identified as having played a role in her murder.

The legal action is to stop the respondents from using their assets to further corrupt our public life and institutions.

Any damages recovered will be diverted to the objectives of the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation:

  • ensuring full justice for Daphne’s assassination;
  • protecting investigative journalists;
  • ending impunity for the murder of journalists;
  • the guardianship of Daphne’s work;
  • public interest litigation and access to justice; and
  • supporting independent, non-partisan media.

Dr Joe Zammit Maempel and Dr Eve Borg Costanzi have signed the application.