Letter to Siemens on World Press Freedom Day

04 May 2020

Boys' club: representatives of Electrogas Malta, including Yorgen Fenech and employees of SOCAR and Siemens, collecting an award for their monopoly at the IJ Global awards in London, in 2016.

On World Press Freedom Day, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s family wrote to Siemens AG asking the company to publicly declare the extent of its knowledge of money laundering and kickbacks involved in the Electrogas deal. The letter also asks Siemens to take the contracts Electrogas has signed into arbitration, or to sue to have them rescinded, on the basis that they were procured by corruption.

Siemens has made public and legally binding commitments, as part of a settlement for criminal action in the United States, to change the company’s role from a negative to a positive one in the fight against corruption.

The letter is available here.