Joseph Muscat must go now

01 December 2019

Press release from Daphne’s family

As Malta and the world faces up to the reality that the Office of the Prime Minister had a hand in our mother and wife’s assassination and, for more than two years, sought to cover it up, Joseph Muscat has decided to delay his resignation as Prime Minister.

He has done so despite the implication of Keith Schembri, his right-hand man, in the assassination of his most powerful critic.

Muscat has delayed his resignation in an attempt to continue protecting himself and Schembri. There is no alternative explanation.

His continued tenure as prime minister is intolerable to anyone who cares about justice. His role in the investigation into our wife and mother’s assassination is unlawful.

Until he resigns, we will use all legal remedies to ensure Muscat has no further involvement in the investigation and criminal proceedings, other than as a possible suspect.