We urge the Prime Minister to step aside

29 November 2019

Press release from Daphne’s family

We share Malta’s shock and anger at the release of Keith Schembri, the Prime Minister’s close personal friend and former chief of staff.

At least two witnesses and multiple pieces of physical evidence implicate Schembri in the assassination of our wife and mother.

Yorgen Fenech does not need a presidential pardon for the police to charge Schembri.

A prolific criminal, connected to multiple bribery and money laundering schemes, Schembri is now a free man, facing no prospect of prosecution for any of his crimes.

We are dismayed to see that Schembri was released under the watch of the Prime Minister, who continues to play judge, jury, and executioner in an assassination investigation that so far implicates three of his closest colleagues.

This travesty of justice is shaming our country, ripping our society apart, and it is degrading us. It cannot continue any longer.

We urge the Prime Minister to step aside and let an unconflicted deputy take over. If the Prime Minister has the interests of justice and Malta at heart, then he should do so immediately. Our country is more important than his career.